Chipotle Case Study

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Chipotle created a “Scarecrow Campaign” in 2012 to recognized other food competitors using processed ingredients. The campaign was  launched on YouTube and had  with no paid media for the first four weeks. Then the campaign was placed in a national newspaper, given social media PR help,  and it launched a an interactive game with a mobile coupon meant to drive consumers to Chipotle restaurants. 

As a regular customer at Chipotle, Chipotle used social media for their PR ” Scarecrow” campaign plan. Chipotle is a chain restaurant known for its healthy, fresh, and non genetically modified ingredient food aimed to make their image of not using processed food and staying at a competitive advantage. Chipotle launched a campaign that showcased negative consequences of using processed foods and positioned itself as an alternative promoting their natural organic agreements. This campaign strategy used a scarecrow to symbolize food protection and to deliver their message of unprocessed ingredients. I learned more about this case study from The Public Relations Review Volume 42 when conducting my research for my project. The campaign plan aimed to connect with a specific target audience… millennials who are tech savvy. I have talked in my other blog article about how one of the  PR experts activities and duties is to create a PR Campaign Plan. You can view my blog post here about PR activities.  They created games, app, and a short movie film. I watched it and it was pretty engaging, informative, and smart. It was smart to approach their plan digitally using aspects of social media and the internet.


So how does social media tie into this case study? Twitter and Instagram enabled a way to promote the brand through positive posts of the healthy alternative food and to even link other pages which drives building relationships and engaging with customers and the public. Social media platforms were used to maintain conversation between the Chipotle company and it’s audience or followers.  They posted tweets about the new campaign and kept up with the followers when they would tweet them back.  In Chipotle campaign plan, they create a game that was downloadable were it not only raised awareness of Chipotle but enhanced a word of mouth traditional media. Users would tell their friends about the game since at the end you could win and receive coupons for Chipotle. It is interesting to see how businesses and PR experts are using social media to their advantage and Chipotle proves to be one. 

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