What Is Public Relations ?

There are multiple interpretations for defining what exactly Public Relations means, however, Public Relations or PR can is defined as, “ the management of communication between an organization and its publics”.

In Social Media and The Rebirth of PR: The emergence of Social media as a Change Driver for PR, author Illiyana Stareva discusses that  Public relations primary function is to get coverage in the media using certain PR activities such as news releases, newsletters, pitches, press releases, print media, and so on.   PR involves having a reputation in which one establishes and maintains goodwill between the public’s and the organization.


Although I will not discuss all of the main activities that a PR practitioner does, I will introduce some of the main activities that are prominent at any PR agency.  Media relations involves communicating with journalists, editors, newspaper outlets, magazines, TV , radio, and web based communication. This activity can be done through press releases, news releases, pitches, or press events. Press releases and news releases are “newsworthy” stories written and directed to members of news media. They are usually emailed, faxed, or mailed to assigned editors and journalists who work for newspapers, magazines, and such.I have done press releases and pitches during my internships and classes, so I have an idea of what PR experts do on the daily.   

Pitches in PR is simply pitching to the media.  It is a letter/email/phone call generated to introduced a story idea to the member of the media.  Another PR activity is Business-to-business (B2B) where practitioners communicate with other organizations, suppliers, and retailers… B2B also involves similar practices involving news releases, newsletters, and trade events.

PR practitioners also create campaigns that help better their clients and brands and offerers a purposeful effort to acheive a goal and objective. Some examples of PR campaign plans are to raise awareness, brand management, and introduce good messages with research, tactics, and measurements. These PR campaign plans can be very successful given the options on how they will carryout the plan. Click here to view a case study (Chipotle) that I researched and discussed in my blog. 



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